Bộ chuyển VGA-HDMI USB audio ADC−GM/HF

Bộ chuyển VGA-HDMI USB audio ADC−GM/HF

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VGA(M) to HDMI™(F) active adapter cable with USB audio/power port.
Max resolution — 1080p.

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ADC−GM/HF is a VGA to HDMI™ adapter cable. This active cable converts an analog VGA signal to a digital HDMI signal. A USB−A connector enables inputting audio to the HDMI output and powering the cable.
ADC−GM/HF is perfect for connecting a VGA−equipped desktop PC or laptop to an HDMI display or projector with a resolution of up to 1080p.

- Max Resolution — 1080p.

- Plug and Play Installation — No software required.

- Powering Options — USB cable supplies power and audio.


Max Resolution: 1080p



Audio Support: Via USB port



Cable type: Active

Input Connector: 15–pin HD (M)

USB-A (M): Power and audio input

Output connector: HDMI type–A(F)

Power: Via USB



Color: Black

Material: Plastic



Humidity: 40%–85%RH

Storage Temperature: –10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)



Safety: CE and FCC

Environmental: RoHS — 2011/65/EU

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